Promise Okeke

Promise Okeke

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As a searcher and CEO, there always will be exciting times — and difficult times. Since acquiring NovoPath in 2020 and making strides of progress, there are still plenty more successes and challenges ahead. But for Promise, that's precisely what gets him excited about the journey.

Why Promise chose to search

Growing up, Promise spent much of his time working in his parents' convenience store in Nigeria. The highs and lows of running a small business taught him the value of hard work and ignited his passion for entrepreneurship. His subsequent experience at a high-growth startup and top-tier management consulting firm gave him hands-on experience in scaling a business and solving complex strategic issues. The drive to apply his skills and experiences to building something of his own ultimately inspired him to pursue search.

Why we backed Promise

One of the most valuable traits in an entrepreneurial CEO is the ability to pivot, being nimble enough to roll with the punches. When we met Promise, it quickly became clear that he was able to make those types of decisions, unafraid to switch tactics or response to fit a situation.