Jim Vesterman

Jim Vesterman

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Jim always knew he wanted to carve his own path. So, from a global strategy consulting firm to the United States Marine Corps and a Wharton MBA, he built a collection of diverse experiences to help him prepare for the challenges of small business leadership.

Why Jim chose to search

Jim didn't learn about the search fund model until after business school. And before he did, he had believed that being an entrepreneur meant starting something from scratch — something he wasn't sure he was well suited to. The idea of search greatly appealed to Jim. He felt confident that he could take a company that's already doing well and find creative ways to raise it to the next level of success.

Why we backed Jim

We saw in Jim a desire to make a difference, as well as a deep level of self awareness around his own strengths and weaknesses that is a hallmark of great leaders. And a great leader he proved to be. After acquiring Raptor Technologies in 2012, Jim grew the business from providing security software to 7,000 schools in the US to serving more than 40,000 schools with an integrated set of school security software solutions that set the standard for the industry.