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Entrepreneurship is an adventure. Make Pacific Lake a long-term partner for your entire search fund journey.

Conducting your search

Where do I begin?

A search fund is one of the fastest vehicles to accelerate you on the path to entrepreneurship. You can be a leader, grow a team, and build a business quickly. More than 200 Pacific Lake search fund CEOs have found success in entrepreneurship through acquisition — and you can, too.

The industry search

While there are many ways to conduct a search, we’ve seen consistently that entrepreneurs who dive deep into industries connect better with sellers and buy bigger, faster growing businesses.
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Buying a company

Which company is a good fit for me?

Business acquisition requires a firm understanding of how to connect with people, how to be a great listener, and above all a willingness to learn. Pacific Lake has invested alongside searchers in over 120 businesses, giving us the experience and pattern recognition to guide you through the diligence and acquisition process.

Elise Polezel

Elise's search journey has been one focused on relationships — a fitting theme for someone who now leads HigherMe, a company known for its human-focused HR and hiring tools.
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Growing a business

What’s your business plan?

As a search fund entrepreneur, you step into a real business on day one. Pacific Lake’s Value Creation Team specializes in partnering with search CEOs to help you, and your companies, reach your full potential.

Creating value as a new CEO

Becoming the CEO of a search fund company will undoubtedly be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your career. Pacific Lake’s Value Creation Team is a dedicated team of full-time professionals with decades of experience as operators and executives who are exclusively focused on working with CEOs and leadership teams to help you build and grow your businesses.
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Transitioning operations

What comes next?

Just as each search is unique, so too is the experience of managing the transition of your business over time. After gaining comfort and understanding in the CEO seat, you might begin to make big changes within the business, or even look to transition operations to new leadership. For companies with long-term growth prospects, Pacific Lake’s Long-Term Hold strategy provides a path for you to continue building and running your business into the next chapter.

Planning for the next chapter

After several years of successfully operating the business, your equity value in the company may represent a significant portion of your net worth. If you desire to continue operating the business, Pacific Lake’s Long-Term Hold strategy may be able to provide liquidity to you and your investors while letting you continue on your CEO journey.
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From the moment you choose to work with us, it’s the beginning of a partnership that will last throughout your time as a searcher and operator. As thought leaders and true collaborators on the road of entrepreneurship, we’ll be there to support you every step along the way.

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