Hannah Greenberg & Alex Lopez

Hannah Greenberg & Alex Lopez

CEO / President & COO
Eleven Software
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For Hannah and Alex, the seed of entrepreneurship was planted at an early age. It was a path they both wanted to pursue. Their friendship started at Berkeley Haas when they were on the same side of a bet about the soccer matchup between United States and England during the 2019 Women’s World Cup. Their winning bet led to a free dinner, bragging rights, and the beginning of a powerful search partnership.

Why Hannah and Alex chose to search

Hannah gravitated towards entrepreneurship in her childhood, when she started a holiday wrapping paper business in her neighborhood. She even made enough money wrapping presents to pay back her parents for her startup loan. Meanwhile, Alex was inspired while working at his grandmother's restaurant in Mexico. Their common drive and vision for successful careers enabled them to thrive in industries that historically lack minority representation. But at Berkeley Haas, they connected over their shared determination to break away from the traditional corporate path. The search fund model was an ideal fit.

Why we backed Hannah and Alex

Hannah and Alex are the epitome of creativity. They're not afraid to explore every nook and cranny to find innovative solutions, which is an essential characteristic of any entrepreneur. In them we saw a desire to grow: as individuals, as a team, and with their business, whatever that might be. We were thrilled to come along for the ride and see where this power duo could go.