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Picture yourself in the company of the best executive leaders in the business — all Pacific Lake approved.

The Executive Leadership Program is a two-year, growth-minded program organized and managed by Pacific Lake.

Through the Executive Leadership Program, search fund CEOs can add a talented high-potential executive to their team to help them scale and grow, while recent MBAs receive an opportunity to step into a meaningful role in a fast-growing company. It’s a win-win scenario.

The program has three pillars:


Hands-on, high-impact leadership

Program participants can be hired to work as key senior executives reporting directly to search fund CEOs in fast-growing, Pacific Lake-backed operating companies. We trust our Leadership candidates with real ownership and responsibility for the growth of a profitable business.

Focused learning & training

This program offers invaluable professional development opportunities, including kick-off training and quarterly training sessions. Topics range from managing teams to building high-performance sales organizations.

Active & supportive community & mentors

Participants benefit from the camaraderie of a tight-knit community of peers, search fund entrepreneurs, and dedicated mentors — all under the Pacific Lake umbrella. Added perks include exclusive events and programming designed to transform high-potential candidates into top-notch operators.
Yarden Maoz
Vice President of Business Development & Growth  |  Kantola
“Being part of the Pacific Lake network, and the Executive Leadership Program specifically, has given me a strong peer group to return to, and has pushed me to grow as a leader. Together, Kantola and Pacific Lake have provided me with day-to-day operating experience growing a small business, combined with invaluable perspective and mentorship, as I consider the arc of my career.”
Joshua Sans
Harvard Business School ’21, Chief of Staff | Utility Cloud
“I joined Utility Cloud and the Executive Leadership Program to experience firsthand the opportunities and challenges of managing a small business, and to have a high-impact role immediately following my MBA. I have been fortunate to have a rich experience from day one. My program cohort has been invaluable as I have encountered many challenges for the first time.”
Jacob Ahle
Chief of Staff | DSD Partners
"Joining Pacific Lake's Executive Leadership Program has been the best decision I’ve made in my post-MBA career. As a former US Army officer, I was looking for post-MBA career options that paid well and enabled me to immediately return to a leadership position within a business, while still having opportunity to be mentored and grow (a combination not easily found or available to MBA students). ELP provided exactly that."

How to apply

Fill out the Predictive Index assessment

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Submit an online application

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We'll be in touch

Once you’re in our system, we’ll send you specific company opportunities that open up during the next few months. We expect companies to recruit throughout the winter and spring.

Frequently asked questions

Can you walk me through the recruiting process?

Generally speaking, the recruiting process consists of a few main steps. First, you fill out the Predictive Index Survey and Online Application. Next is a first round of interviews with the Pacific Lake team, followed by a company screening. Within a few weeks, you’ll potentially get an offer from a specific company and the opportunity to join Pacific Lake’s Executive Leadership Program.

Am I an employee of Pacific Lake or of the portfolio company?

You’re an employee of the company you join. Pacific Lake’s role throughout the course of the two years is to support your growth anddevelopment through coaching, training, and providing you access to a tremendous network of current and formeroperators and investors.

What exactly do I get by joining the program? Why not just join the company?

Your day-to-day work will be at the company, and that’s where you will spend most of your time. But when you’repart of the Executive Leadership Program, you get access to trainings on key leadership topics, a dedicatedformer CEO or COO as a mentor, and access to Pacific Lake’s events. You’re also part of a community of highly talentedpeers, operators, and investors.

What happens at the end of my second year?

This is often a natural point of transition. You have plenty of options available in terms of what comes next, including: launch a search; take on a larger role at your current firm; move on to another role within the Pacific Lake ecosystem of companies; or move on to another role outside Pacific Lake. We’ll work with you to help you decide which path makes the most sense at this point in your career.

What is the Predictive Index, and how and why do you use it?

When you work for a small firm, fit really matters. In fact, how well you work with your CEO –andbroadly with your peers—will be a major determinant of your success, impact, and growth. The Predictive Index is a great (and quick!)tool that allows us to create better matches on working styles between CEOs and candidates.

Need more info?

If you have any questions or would like to get to know us better, please feel free to reach out.

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