Executive Leadership Program

Bring top-flight talent to your search fund acquired company. 

Through the Executive Leadership Program, Search Fund CEOs have the opportunity to add a talented high-potential executive to their team to help them scale and grow. Recent MBAs receive an opportunity to step into a meaningful role in a fast-growing company. It's a win-win scenario.

Coley giving a lesson

The Program has Three Pillars

Hands-on Leadership:

Recent MBAs will work as a key senior executive reporting directly to the CEO in a fast-growing, Pacific Lake-backed operating company, and will be given ownership and responsibility to help grow a profitable business. Roles include Chief of Staff or VP of Operations, Finance, Marketing, or Sales positions.

Ongoing Learning Opportunities:

Pacific Lake will also provide ongoing learning and development opportunities, including in-person program kick-off training and quarterly virtual sessions on topics ranging from optimizing pricing strategy to hiring and managing for rapid growth.

Community Support:

The participants will benefit from a tight-knit community of peers, expert operators, and entrepreneurs under the Pacific Lake umbrella.