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We are a long-term partner for your entire search fund journey

Search Strategy

We have partnered with over 200 search fund entrepreneurs. We understand the search and the proven method to find a great company in a growing industry. A few ways we can accelerate your search:

  • Searcher Workshop - 2-day intensive workshop on searching best practices
  • Industry Search - designing and executing a successful search
  • Full-time Support - On-demand, deep engagement when you need it
  • Pacific Lake University -  Documents, templates, and videos on what matters most

From Coley helping us raise our search fund to Keith providing spot-on guidance, Pacific Lake's team has been there for us every step of the way. Knowing they'll continue to be there when we close a deal gives us confidence in our conversations with owners. Pacific Lake’s resources – financial and strategic – changed the way we thought about our search.

Grayson Morris and Luke Teeple STABLES PARTNERS
Coley giving a lesson
entrepreneurs having a meeting

Buying Well

Pay a fair price for a great business. A few of the ways we help:

  • Give sellers confidence in your ability to close
  • Nail the negotiations with effective role playing
  • Determine a fair price and transaction structure
  • Understand the business and the growth opportunities
  • Learn faster with market insights from decades of experience
  • Build a financial model and analyze customer cohorts
  • Connect with qualified third party providers for debt, technical diligence, and accounting diligence
We invited Pacific Lake into our deal to help get our sizable acquisition across the finish line. They moved quickly and brought experienced software guidance to the diligence process and to our board. Our transaction closed in large part to their willingness to step up and lead the charge. Adding Pacific Lake to our team was, and has been, a game changer.
Rameez Ansari and Steve Lau FIELDEDGE

Early Operations 

This is when the fun and the real work begin.

Some of the resources available to you:

  • Board Support - We serve on 25+ search fund boards and have capacity for the future
  • Special Adviser Program - Access to experienced operators and industry experts as board members and advisers
  • Early Operator Sprints - On-site tactical sprints to help you quickly solve a pressing issue
  • CEO development - Tactical suggestions and advice as you learn how to successfully operate as a new CEO
  • Templates and Resources - Learn best practices on hiring, building new systems, and managing change
After acquiring CLEO, Jim served as a mentor, role model, and differentiated board adviser. His and Pacific Lake’s integrity and commitment to building deep relationships have made them a great business partner. I have been delighted to be a part of the Pacific Lake family.
Mahesh Rajasekharan CLEO
Jim and Searcher
kevin presenting

Accelerating Growth

“We all want to go faster, but sometimes we need some help to show us how.” 

  • Value Creation Team - full-time team dedicated to helping CEOs scale their business faster
  • CEO Roundtables - learn from experienced CEOs and peers at an intimate gathering as you pursue personal and professional growth
  • Executive Leadership Program - leverage our network of high potential recent MBAs for senior management positions


This is the kind of support from investors that we dreamed of when we each decided to go down this path several years ago.

Liquidity and Growth Equity

Liquidity - After several years of successfully operating the business, your equity value in the company may represent a significant portion of your net worth. If you desire to continue operating the business, we have the ability to recap the business and provide liquidity to you and other shareholders. 

By partnering with us, you can expect the same operating environment with increased resources. As you transition to the next phase of growth, we can help develop your board talent, such as providing a new operating director who has experience scaling a business from $100M to $500M+.

Growth equity - We can provide additional capital for any growth initiative. We have directly contributed over $100M of growth equity to our search fund companies. 

Pacific Lake And Entrepreneur

Biennial Entrepreneur Conference

Every other year, Pacific Lake brings the search fund ecosystem together for a high impact conference. The gathering is attended by over 150 searchers, operators, investors, and industry thought leaders. We invest significant thought, time, and effort to produce the most relevant and significant insights. Past conferences included sessions such as:

  • Early Operating Issues
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Developing World Class Lead Generation
  • Systematic Hiring 
  • Driving Rapid Growth in an Emerging Market
  • Getting the Most from Sales
  • Optimizing Pricing

Friends of Pacific Lake can view the full videos from our 2016 and 2018 conferences by submitting a request here.

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