Pacific Lake Partners

Full Name

Kevin Oxendine

Kevin Oxendine is a Partner at Pacific Lake Partners where he brings experience as a successful executive and operator.  Kevin works closely with search fund entrepreneurs throughout their search, acquisition and operating phases and is a board member of Emporos and Kantola.  Prior to joining Pacific Lake in 2018, Kevin was an active Special LP.  He brings special expertise to software and technology-enabled businesses given his industry experience.

Kevin is a two-time successful CEO/COO.  At Wistia, a video SaaS company, Kevin led all business functions, including sales, finance, marketing, customer support, people operations, and business development.  Over his three years at Wistia, the company grew from $8M to over to $30M in ARR before Kevin executed a PE-backed recapitalization.  At Havit, a consulting firm, Kevin grew the firm from $6M to $36M in capitalized billings over three years.

Kevin graduated from the University of Maryland where he received the H.C. Byrd Award and earned an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business as an Arjay Miller Scholar.  Kevin resides just outside of Boston, MA with his wife, Kate, and their two sons, Teddy and Chase.