The Search Fund model is a proven, viable path for entrepreneurs who want to own and build a company.

The Search Fund model offers relatively inexperienced, recent MBA graduates with limited capital resources a quick path to owning, managing, and growing a company.

Search Fund entrepreneurs self-select. They are resourceful, well-educated self-starters who know one thing: they want to be their own boss.

The Search Fund model is predicated upon acquiring a business with strong recurring revenue, $2 to $5 million of cash flow, and a history of profits and growth. Thirty years of data shows that inexperienced, recent graduates of top business schools can buy and build a significant company using this model. Historical successes include Asurion, Servicesource, Pacific Pulmonary, Alta Colleges, Webequity, Uniform Printing, Tech Lighting, and many more.

If you want to be a CEO, build a substantial enterprise, and create significant wealth for yourself, the Search Fund path is for you. Click here to see a sample of exits from companies acquired through the search fund model and the related paydays for the entrepreneurs.