Congratulations! You are now the CEO of your business.

This is when the fun and the real work begin. There are so many things to think about: What do I say to the employees when the seller announces he or she has sold the business to me and I am taking over as CEO? What happens when John Smith quits on day two or the top customer calls wanting to change our contract? How do I think about building a salesforce to help the company grow? What should I prepare for my first board meeting? 

Within a few years, you will know the answers to these questions. But, in the beginning, we and a board of former operators or experienced Search Fund investors can help. The most fulfilling part of our job is to help you learn to run a company, watch you evolve into a seasoned manager, and be a small part of your company’s growth and success.

Our entrepreneurs can be assured they will have the following support while operating their companies:

  • The entire Pacific Lake team and financial accounting resources as needed
  • Our network of experienced Search Fund entrepreneurs
  • Our Special Limited Partners, who have relevant operating experience and are willing to take board seats in Search Fund operating companies
  • Our Pacific Lake CEO Conference
  • Our Resource Center for Managing a Growing Enterprise (to come)