The Search Fund Model

Your path to CEO

A search fund is a proven, viable model for entrepreneurs who want to acquire and build a company. If you want to be a CEO, build a substantial enterprise, and have significant ownership for yourself, the search fund path is for you.

Through a search fund, you can raise capital from experienced investors and operators, who will provide advice and guidance along the way, to fund a full-time search for a single company to acquire. Upon acquisition, you will transition into the role of CEO. Then the fun and responsibility truly begins, as you lead a team and grow the business.

Thirty years of data shows this is a viable path for talented individuals to acquire and build a company, often early in their career.

4 CEOs

Perspectives on creating success via the search fund path

Our advice to the bold entrepreneurs committed to this path

Choose the Right Partners

Alignment on search strategy and company characteristics are critical. Understand the resources and prospective your partners bring to the table.

Conduct An Industry Search

We believe owners want to sell to people who understand their business and industry. By focusing on 2 or 3 industries at a time, you will become an expert and understand the questions that need to be asked.

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Be Selective, Buy A High-Quality Business

Maintaining a high bar for your company to purchase will lead to a more fulfilling personal and professional experience.