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Raptor Technologies 

Raptor Technologies provides a visitor-management system to public and private schools. Visitors provide their driver’s license at the front desk, and the school captures their information, checks it against Raptor's proprietary database of registered sex offenders and local restraining orders, and accepts or rejects the visitor. Jim Vesterman, a Wharton MBA and former Marine Special Forces operator, acquired Raptor in 2012. The company serves over 24,000 schools nationwide, and was growing 40% year-over-year in 2018.

In every stage, Jim and Coley went beyond the call of duty. My success within the Search Fund model is indebted to their guidance.
Jim Vesterman CEO, Raptor Technologies
Jim Vesterman, CEO, Raptor Technologies
Graham Weihmiller, Chairman & CEO, BNI


With over 250,000 members worldwide, BNI is the leading referral organization in the world. The organization has over 8,000 chapters throughout every populated continent of the world. In 2016, BNI generated 8.8 million referrals resulting in $11.2 billion worth of business for its members. Graham Weihmiller, a second-time search fund entrepreneur, acquired the company in 2014.

Graham Weihmiller Chairman & CEO, BNI

IS Entrega

IS Entrega is a Brazil-based provider of internal logistics and intra-company transportation of goods to multi-location corporations in Brazil. IS Entrega serves over 500 customers, with the company’s 170 vehicles serving over 10,000 locations annually. All revenue is contractually recurring. Andre Freire and Marcelo Novaes acquired the business in early 2017 and have grown the company significantly over the last few years. 

Marcelo Novaes and Andre Freire Co-CEOs, IS Entrega
Marcelo Novaes & Andre Freire, Co-CEOs, IS Entrega
Mark Anderegg, Chairman of the Board, Littles Sprouts

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts is an award-winning network of 28 preschools (up from 17 when Mark stepped in as CEO) in New England. The company serves families with children ages six months to five years. The company develops proprietary curricula focused on building early reading and math skills before the child enters the mainstream education system. Mark Anderegg acquired the business in 2012. The company has grown at a 18% CAGR since 2012 and grown from 430 employees to over 1,050 as of 2018.


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