The Launch of the Value Creation Team

Pacific Lake is excited to announce the launch of its Value Creation Team – an initiative designed to help Pacific Lake’s top-performing operating companies achieve even greater success. Led by former Iron Mountain CEO Richard Reese, the Value Creation Team will provide in-depth guidance and hands-on support to our most promising search fund CEOs and companies. Directly engaging with only one or two companies at any given time, the Value Creation Team will actively work alongside the CEOs to analyze, execute, and support the companies’ most important objectives. These CEOs, at their invitation, will get specific guidance on a wide range of topics, including developing and implementing a multi-year growth plan, expanding a sales force, optimizing pricing, and executing M&A.

Harnessing the Expertise of Richard Reese
We are honored to have Richard Reese join Pacific Lake to spearhead the Value Creation Team. As the former Chairman and CEO of Iron Mountain, Richard is the architect of its rise from a firm with 70 employees and $3 million in sales to one with 17,000 employees and over $3 billion in sales. During his 30-year tenure as CEO, Iron Mountain achieved compounded revenue and enterprise value growth of 26% and 36%, respectively, via a mix of organic growth and over 300 acquisitions.

Richard has a longstanding relationship with Pacific Lake and has been instrumental in devising this initiative. In his words:

“At Iron Mountain, I worked closely with many exceptionally talented business leaders to build a multi-billion-dollar company. I’m excited to start working directly with Pacific Lake’s premier search fund CEOs as they work tirelessly to build and grow their companies. I’ve been invested in Pacific Lake since day one and have worked closely with Coley, Jim, and Jason through the years. Launching the Value Creation Team to focus exclusively on Pacific Lake’s top performing companies is a great next step for me personally and for Pacific Lake.”

Joining Richard on the Value Creation Team is Jason Luther, who started with Pacific Lake in 2014. Jason is a former case writer at Stanford GSB, where he focused on growth cases for the Managing Growing Enterprises class. Since joining Pacific Lake, Jason has worked with dozens of search fund entrepreneurs as well as with Pacific Lake portfolio companies BNI and BEX Realty to support a mix of tactical and strategic initiatives.

Expanding Our Focus on Value Creation
We continually strive to find new ways to support search fund entrepreneurs and their companies. Previously, we introduced our Special Limited Partner program to bring experienced operating directors to our search fund companies. Now, we are launching the Value Creation Team as an additional Pacific Lake resource to help our companies scale faster and our CEOs achieve greater personal and professional success. We look forward to partnering more deeply with our entrepreneurs in their quest to build world-class businesses. 

Best wishes,
The Pacific Lake Team

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