2016 Search Fund Entrepreneur Conference

In March, 2016, Pacific Lake hosted its biennial Search Fund Entrepreneur Conference in Napa, California. This gathering was attended by over 125 searchers, operators, investors, and industry thought leaders. Events included seven panels, four breakout sessions and a keynote dinner speech by Richard Reese (former Chairman and CEO of Iron Mountain NYSE: IRM and Pacific Lake Special LP). When all was said and done, over 20 hours of content on how to search and source, identify a viable seller, negotiate and close a deal, hire and fire, drive growth in emerging markets, develop a lead generation engine, and so much more, had been created and shared.

Friends of Pacific Lake can view the full videos by submitting a request here.

Searching and Sourcing the Deal
Negotiating and Closing the Deal
Early Operating Issues
Mistakes to Avoid
Hiring Well
Developing World Class Lead Generation
Driving Rapid Growth in Emerging Markets
ROTC in Small Cap Investing
Systematic Hiring and Personality Profiling
Evening Keynote Speech - Richard Reese
Director Session - Irv Grousbeck